Welcome   to   the   home   of   Monstrous   TV.   Normal has    been    banished    to    the    nether    regions,    and Monstrousness rocks! No   humans   have   been   harmed   in   the   making   of these films.
W A T C H M O N S T R O U S   T V
Monstrous   TV   is   a   unique,   independent,   on-line digital   TV   station   featuring   short   fantasy   films, funny     videos     and     children’s     stories.     These original     short     videos     make     great     family entertainment;         humorous,         funny         and entertaining.        Welcome    to    a    World    Beyond Reality’s    Edge:    Here    the    monstrous    creatures are   the   stars   in   a   host   of   funny   children’s   videos. Squidgy humans beware!
All text, videos & images copyright Cornelius Clifford 2018