The Monstrous TV crew love to make Monstrous Learning Videos in fact anything at all. Tell us what you want to say and the Monstrous Creatures will do the rest. Your video or short film will be produced as an high definition (HD) MP4 file (or any other format you like) for uploading to the web. For viewing on smart phones, iPads, laptops, PC or Macs. You can embed your video on your own website, or we can upload it to YouTube for you, or send you a copy for you to broadcast in whatever way you like. Including on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. To get your key learning message across, delivered by monstrous creatures in a unique video, choose one of the packages below. Or contact us if these don’t fit with your requirements. We’ll do our best to make your short film work for you the whatever way you like:
Send us a brief description of what you want the monstrous actors to say and we will work it up into a script for you to approve before filming starts. This can all be done by email anywhere in the world. Once you are happy with the script we’ll record the sound track using voice actors. Then film the Monstrous Creatures against an appropriate background. Of course we can do just about anything you want. These packages are just a way of making it easy for you … Short ‘message’ of up to 10 seconds: £50 Brief advert of 11 to 20 seconds: £75 Standard promotional video of 21 to 30 seconds: £100 Longer promotional film of 31 to 45 seconds: £150 A short film of 46 to 60 seconds: £200 Each film or video includes script writing, voice actors, camera and sound crew, director, producer and, of course, Monstrous Creatures!
Copyright Cornelius Clifford 2020
Aunt Gertrude, a strange wyrm or dragon meets nagglemire the dwarf in the Underworld, by Cornelius Clifford
Aunt Gertrude, a strange wyrm or earth dragon
Aunt Gertrude, a strange wyrm or earth dragon
Lucretia the witch and Doctor Crowtooth giving a lecture …
V I D E O S  M A D E  F O R  Y O U