The   Monstrous   TV   crew   love   to   make   to   publicise   an   event,   an   enterprise,   us what you want to say and the Monstrous Creatures will do the rest. Your   video   or   short   film   will   be   file   (or   any   other   format   you   like)   smart   phones,   iPads,   laptops,   PC   website,   or   upload   it   to   YouTube   broadcast    in    whatever    way    you    Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. To    get    your    message,    be    it    a    monstrous   creatures   in   a   unique   video,   contact   us   if   these   don’t   fit   with   your   make your short film work for you the whatever way you like:
M O N S T R O U S  V I D E O S M A D E  F O R  Y O U
Send   us   a   brief   description   of   what   we   will   work   it   up   into   a   script   for   can   all   be   done   by   email   anywhere   script    we’ll    record    the    sound    Monstrous   Creatures   against   an   do   just   about   anything   you   want.   easy for you … Short ‘message’ of up to 10 seconds: £50 Brief advert of 11 to 20 seconds: £75 Standard promotional video of 21 to 30 seconds: £100 Longer promotional film of 31 to 45 seconds: £150 A short film of 46 to 60 seconds: Each   film   or   video   includes   script   crew, director, producer and, of course, Monstrous Creatures!
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